Bryci Ximena

Published on July 11, 2013 by James

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Last modified July 11, 2013

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Bryci Ximena is someone who lives in Mexico that is obsessed with the online model Bryci from

Ximena Ramirez is the person obsessed with Bryci to such a degree she pretends to be her. We don’t know why Ximena Rimerez does this, whether she is insecure with herself, overweight, unpopular or just not pretty and needs attention.

Kind of pathetic. The one and true Bryci can be seen at only.

Bryci has posted her official profiles –

ANY OTHER SITE with a Bryci on it is a faker. Bryci does not go by any name other than Bryci. No last name, ever. Just bryci.

Bryci Ximena claims to be Bryci and wants you to believe she is the real Bryci. She is not.

Bryci Ximena is using stolen images from free galleries and posting in Facebook and other sites trying to gain acceptance.

I am pretty sure the person behind Bryci Ximena is either a man or a seriously low on self confidence teen girl.

If you want the real Bryci, there is only one place –

If Bryci Ximena asks you for money, report her to the police as a scam artist and press charges if possible.

If Bryci Ximena lies to you and tells you a story of why she needs money, you’re an idiot if you believe it.

The faker Bryci Ximena is also on twitter. Make sure you visit twitter and tweet to others letting them know that @bryciximena is a faker.

The real Bryci is also on Twitter at @bryci

Report the faker Bryci Ximena to Facebook staff by emailing and

Report the faker Bryci Ximena to Twitter by tweeting to Twitter’s Trust and Safety team.

Report the faker Bryci Ximena to Instagram by emailing with links.

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