Talia Shepard

Published on February 20, 2013 by James

Last modified February 12, 2015

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These are the only profiles for Talia Shepard online.

Name: Talia Shepard

Nationality: American

Languages Spoken: English.
(Talia Shepard does not speak Mexican, Spanish, French, German, or any other languages. If someone contacts you in another language or you see a “Talia Shepard” post or tweet in another language, you know right away – it’s a faker.)

Website: http://taliashepard.com/

Blog: http://taliashepard.com/blog/

Free Promo Photos: http://bellagals.com/taliashepard/

Store: http://taliashepard.com/blog/store

MyFreeCams Profile: http://profiles.myfreecams.com/taliashepard

Twitter: http://twitter.com/taliashepard

DreamLover: http://www.dreamlover.com/taliashepard


Webcam: http://taliashepard.cammodels.com

Facebook: Talia Shepard is not and never has been on Facebook.
(If you have seen or found someone claiming they are Talia Shepard on Facebook, you are dealing with an impostor. they might tell you this is their secret FB account or something similar to make you feel that you were chosen by her but you are being lied to. Period. No exception to this. Talia has no FB profiles, or hidden/secretive profiles. We do not allow fan pages on facebook at the girl’s requests as well as our own requests – Zero facebook is allowed.)

As with all things – if you find a fb profile stealing Talia images, please contact us with the url to the impostor account.

Wish List: http://amazon.com/wishlist/2AJXXUYVMY1KY

Abibids (auction site): http://www.abibids.com/index.php/page,userProfile/uid,6125

Modeling Assignments: Her website.
(A common faker scam is to contact a stranger, claim to be Talia Shepard and then say she’s stranded in Africa or the Philippines – she was sent there on modeling assignment and her id or money was stolen so she needs you to help her. Please send money? – THIS IS A SCAM. Be smarter than this. Never send money to anyone unless you know them. you will notice they always ask you to send it Western Union and it’s always some odd name. Talia is not ever on assignment in another country. Period. Help us to catch these bad guys though – if this sort of thing happens to you, write us with your story! Your real name will never be used.)

Forums: http://bellaforum.com
(Talia Shepard is not active on any forums other than her official forums. If you find someone using her name, again, it’s an impostor looking for attention or to fool you. members get access to the forums with their membership to any Bella network website)

Dating sites: Talia Shepard is not on any dating sites. She never has been, she never will be.
(if you have contacted by someone on a dating site using Talia Shepard photos, it is a faker, no exceptions to this. Please let us know the url so we can have their account closed. These people are most often from Africa and the Philippines and their goal is to scam you for money. Dating scams are quite popular, educate yourself about them using Google. “Dating scams” or check romancescams.org)

Escort sites: Talia Shepard is not an escort and never will be.
(if you have seen an escort ad using our images, it’s a faker. In short, how hard is it to steal a photo and say it’s you? Pretty easy. Question is more – who’s gullible enough to believe it? Report any ads you find please so we can have them removed and the “girl” banned from the site for theft.)

Yahoo: Talia Shepard does not use Yahoo.
(She never has, she never will. She does not chat online other than in her live webcam shows that happen every week for members of her website, http://taliashepard.com – if you are contacted by someone on Yahoo IM, it’s a faker, period. Yes, always. Join taliashepard.com and chat with Talia Shepard live on webcam and ask her personally. You’ll see we’re right.)

MSN / SKYPE: Talia Shepard does not use MSN or Skype
(She doesn’t use chat programs, she has no time or interest in this.

IM programs: Talia Shepard does not IM with anyone, she does not have IM programs.

Not listed here?: If it is not listed here, it doesn’t exist and that means (drum roll please) you’ve got yourself a faker feeding you lies. Sometimes they do this for attention. Other times to try and scam you our of some money with a sob story.

If you find something that is not listed here, please contact us

Report a faker here

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